How-To: Create an iMessage Sticker App in Xcode

How to create an iMessage Sticker App

Creating an iMessage Sticker App in Xcode for the new iOS 10 is probably the easiest entry to the app development world. You literally don’t have to write a single line of code. It’s just drag-and-drop.

Here is a quick video walk through of the whole process in just about 2 minutes.

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How to calculate the median per group with MySQL

Median of Group in MySQL

The other day I had to calculate the median per group within MySQL. Turns out this is not as easy as it sounds mostly due to the fact that there exists no median() function in MySQL. After quite some trial and error and some helpful tipps I figured it out though. Especially for people that are not that experienced with MySQL, here is my own writeup of the solution.

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The best way to convert a screen recording (or any video) to a gif both in quality and size

A gif of a screen recording has proven itself to be a very practical solution to make tutorials easier to understand. The gif has the big advantage that you don’t need to think about a video-player for your blog or host each small video on a video hosting platform like YouTube.

I’ve tested many solutions to convert videos to gifs to receive nice quality with a relatively small size. Some software solutions I tried are GIF Brewery, Cloud App, GifMaker, GifFox, Drop to GIF but all of them had some drawback, either the file size turned out to be to big or the quality was disappointing.

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How to build an analogue dashboard for digital metrics – like the current number of visitors on your site

cloudBit Google Dashboard

The other day I bought the cloudBit Starter Kit from LittleBits (Amazon USAmazon DE). They claim that the cloudBit is the easiest way to create internet­-connected devices. Especially the part about it working with ifttt supports that claim. Press a physical button to send an email is as easy as activating a pre-defined „recipe“.

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How to render a HTML table from MySQL data to build simple live dashboards

In this post I’m going to describe how to build simple online dashboards by rendering a mysql query in a HTML table. Using Tablesorter and Tablechart the output will not only become sortable but you’ll also be able to filter any column and display a chart of the resulting data.

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How to build a live big-screen dashboard with Google Spreadsheets and Panic’s Status Board iPad app

Triggered through Panic’s release of version 2 of their iPad app Status Board (Affiliate-Link) I looked at the app again.

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How to turn a website into a screensaver plus a great website to use

How to turn a website into a screensaver

If you’re into Product Hunt or Hacker News you might have sumbled across What color is it?, a website converting the corresponding hex-codes of the time into a nice colorful clock. The idea would obviously work great as a screen saver!

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The best iOS reminder app (for me)

The best iOS Reminder App

A good reminder will nag you until you actually did something about the task you set yourself. Unfortunately the standard apps will only buzz you once or twice and then just give up. So what’s the solution? I found it for me, the app is called Due ($4,99) and I’ve been using it for years.

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