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[Tutorial] How to create a mobile facebook page tab – Free Template

Update: This article has not been updated for a long time! The code might still work but I can’t guarantee it or help anymore. Today I would not recommend to use facebook page tabs anymore, Facebook will probably stop supporting them in the near future.

In this article I want to show you how to create a mobile facebook page tab. I’ll also include a like and share button and will be responsive, weiterlesen →

How to delete Facebook likes – A short How-To

Once every while you should sort out your likes to resemble your actual likes and interests at the moment. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to find and remove / unlike your facebook likes. So here it goes …

How to delete Facebook likes:

1. On your profile just below your timeline cover click on „likes“

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How to disallow facebook to commercialize your likes – How Facebook makes money with your likes – Part 1.

Inspired by this post by Nathan Kontny, I want to share with you a privacy setting that most people on facebook probably won’t know exists.

So you’ve probably all seen those „social-ads“ on facebook where names of your friends show up in context with a brand. „Your friend xy likes brand xy“. Unfortunately in that moment you don’t immediately think about which ads could be generated with your „likes“.

Are you comfortably with every „like“ you ever did being shown to your friends in an ad (possibly multiple times)

I don’t even remember anymore what I liked a couple years ago but your friends might as time isn’t relevant for the social-ad: Something you liked a few years ago could very well be shown to your friends just now in an ad.

Ok, so how do you disallow this? Luckily there is a setting and even a direct link to it:
Edit this setting now

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[Tutorial] How to create Facebook iFrame Tabs for Timeline Width (810px) with Fangate and Share Button in 2012

Update: I wrote a post on how to build a tab in 2013 that also supports the mobile view in the article: How to create a mobile (and desktop) facebook page tab (2013)

If you have a Fan-Page for your Company, Blog or any other Product that has Customers or Fans, you’ve probably also wanted to give them some special content through your Fan-Page. In this Tutorial/How-To I’m going to show you how to create Facebook iFrame Tabs with Fangate for free (because you’re doing it yourself).

You’re lazy and just want to download the whole example with a pdf-tutorial? I prepared a downloadable .zip file, to get it you’ll need to spread the word by tweeting about it!

1. Step: Prepare your webserver for the app.

Disclamer before we start: So you need some webspace to display that content of the tab. After all it’s only an iframe, so Facebook won’t take care of hosting your information.

You need a webspace that is able to serve the content with a secure HTTPS-Connection.

After October 2011, Facebook requires you to serve your content through a secure connection. If you can’t deliver that, fear not, you have other options: Use one of the many Apps out there to help you out. The disadvantage? The are always branded by another company and will therefore not look as professional. Also complex php-mysql-magic like submitting a form to your database won’t be part of the deal.

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