Once every while you should sort out your likes to resemble your actual likes and interests at the moment. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to find and remove / unlike your facebook likes. So here it goes …

How to delete Facebook likes:

1. On your profile just below your timeline cover click on „likes“

How to delete your facebook likes

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find the section „likes“

Section Likes

3. Make sure you’ve selected „All likes“

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-30 um 23.43.58

4. Hit that „See all“ link at the end of the box:

Facebook Likes Box

5. The resulting tab will give you a list of all your likes as tiles with preview image. This is how you unlike each one:


A few details why you should actually care about your likes:

In my last post I showed you how to disable Facebook from „selling“ your facebook likes to pages. You should take a look at this option, if you haven’t already.

Now that you’ve disabled that, you’re at least safe that your friends won’t get spammed by some like you did a few years ago but you’re still in the loop. How so, you ask?
Ok, I’ll break it down for you. When you started to use Facebook everything seemed quite straightforward. You „friended“ a friend or you „liked“ a page and from then on you saw 100% of those posts in your timeline. Not a problem, that’s exactly what you would expect.

A few months / years later let’s look at this situation again. According to Facebook (in 2010) each user on average is connected to about 80 pages/events/groups and to about 230 Friends (see here). Your friends „like“ stuff, they „friend“ people, they post stuff on their wall, they upload pictures, they play games and pages do the same. It’s obvious that this results in a lot of stories for your timeline.

All these stories now battle for your attention. Facebook can’t show you all. It would be too much for each day. Important stuff like say: „Your brother is now engaged“ would be pushed down too fast for you to be able to see it because you’re not online every minute.

So Facebook needs to decide weather something is more relevant to you than other stuff. How? The measure Facebook uses is widely called „Edge Rank“ (Read details). It basically looks at your activity on Facebook to decide who of your friends are more important to you. For example: You write a lot of messages back and fourth with a few people on Facebook. This is a good indicator for Facebook that these are friends you’re close to at the moment. Facebook even knows who you hang out with because you tag people on events like concerts or parties.

Ok, so far so good. You’d maybe say: This is just fine, Facebook probably does a pretty good job sorting that stuff.

This is where your likes come in:

The same rules apply to posts by pages. Facebook shows those posts only to fans that have previously interacted or liked stuff by that page.

The unconfortable truth for pages: Only about 16 − 20% of their fans will see their posts (see here). This is due to the facts I described above.

But Facebook has a solution for those page-owners. You can pay money to reach more of your fans. As your friends won’t pay any money (at least not yet) to reach you, their posts get pushed down more likely by a sponsored-story (a page-post thats backed with money).

The result: The more pages you’ve previously liked, the bigger the chance that your friends posts relevancy gets „bought down“ by ad-driven facebook-pages. That’s why you should remove likes from facebook every now and then …