The other day I received received the following email from a Jim Harrison at NOMAD ( making me think about lies to customers. Read through this email and ask yourself the question, would you buy this story?

From: Jim Harrison | Subject: I’m leaking the NOMAD employee discount!

Hey guys,

I’m not supposed to do this, but here it goes. I’m sending my employee discount to some of the people whose orders I remember shipping.
It’s $15 off (that’s more than 50% off a cable, which is epic, I know). The code is emp_disc and you just enter it at checkout at

I’m pretty excited! After two years of product dev and nearly 100,000 cables shipped worldwide, we’re now officially in stock with all of our products, so I’m celebrating (at 7:00 am no less).

I have to admit that I may have had a few too many beers, but I’ve been on the front lines, and well, I love you guys, our early customers.

Now back to the celebrating,

Do they really think every customer buys this story? The voucher is of course valid but the whole story about Jim “leaking” a coupon and maybe him even being a real person is completely made up.

But it doesn’t end here. I received a followup Email by Noah Dentzel (obviously the CEO at Nomad):

From: Noah Dentzel | Subject: NOMAD leak: employee discount code

Hey Daniel,

Last week, NOMAD employee Jim Harrison leaked a deeply discounted employee code, empdisc, which offered $15.00 off an order on

Jim was not authorized to share this code nor to use our secure mailing service to send it to some of our previous customers. Some of you have written in asking that we take action against Jim, others praising him for sharing the code.

I wanted to reach out to those who received his email to let you know that NOMAD has decided not to take action against Jim. Although he was not authorized to act in such a capacity, he was just excited about being done with our backorder (frankly, we all are). I also wanted to confirm that we will indeed honor all purchases made with this code until April 30th, the code’s hard-coded termination date.

Thank you for understanding and not posting or sharing this code with others. And, stay tuned for our new product launch soon!

Noah Dentzel
San Francisco

This Email made me actually write this short piece. Is it really worth putting your name out there with such a blatant lie? I mean, look at the details here:

  • The second Email is obviously a followup to the first one to actually remind me of the voucher.
  • He emphasizes that the code is still valid for a few days.
  • They changed the code from emp_disc to empdisc in the second email to track which of the codes performs better!
  • “hard-coded termination date”, ha, thats a funny one. Thats one field in the database, they could easily change it.

I bet that this campaign performed really well and there already thinking about the next staged employee leaking something or another mishap they could market but it leaves me with the question: Is it really worth it?

Your customers that don’t buy, don’t click and see right through this campaign will never grow to trust your company!

So, if you want to lie to market your product, please do it better!