Two hidden features of iOS Mail you should know, and most likely don’t know yet!

iOS Hidden Features

I’ve found that these two following tipps in iOS Mail are quite unknown but really helpful, so here wo go:

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How to compress PNG files – Three different solutions

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are great, you should always prefer them over GIFs or JPGs whenever the format suits the image. PNG works best when there are no blurs, faded colors or generally if there are mostly one-colored areas.

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Why I like Podcasts and you should too …

Why you should listen to podcasts

Whenever I ask someone if they listen to podcasts most answer that they don’t and don’t really know why they should. In this post I’ll try to convince you that you’ll want to use podcasts for a few reasons. I’ll also show you my favorite app and shows.

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Custom Social Media Buttons for WordPress with Share Count

Custom Share Buttons for Wordpress

Update (23.01.16): Social Networks made it harder and harder to get to the share count so I’ll stop trying. I’ll leave this post up and running but be warned: This code won’t work anymore.

Update (24.11.15): After twitter announced that the share count JSON API won’t work anymore after the 20.11.15 the twitter button broke. To fix this I implemented the solution from To get it to work you have to sign up for an account and authorize with a twitter account. (I’ve created a new twitter account for that because they’re asking for a few too many rights, namely to tweet on your behalf.)

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How to get started with RSS – Best Apps and Services

Hot to get started with RSS

Have you ever heard of RSS? Never? Well that’s exactly the problem. It’s one of the greatest technologies of the internet yet almost nobody (other than geeks) use it. In a nutshell you could say that RSS let’s you subscribe websites/blogs. Why should you do that you ask?

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Lies to your customers: Are they really worth it?

The other day I received received the following email from a Jim Harrison at NOMAD ( making me think about lies to customers. Read through this email and ask yourself the question, would you buy this story?

From: Jim Harrison | Subject: I’m leaking the NOMAD employee discount!

Hey guys,

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Custom Social Media Buttons for WordPress with Share Count (including Google+)

Custom Share Buttons for Wordpress with Share Count

Update 3: I wrote a whole new tutorial for the custom sharing buttons. This new version loads asynchronously to speed up the page speed noticeably. Check it out: Custom Share Buttons with Sharrre

Update 2: As requested, the template now also includes a share button for LinkedIn with count.

Update: The Google+ Count is now cached as well and I added Flattr to the list of included buttons.

When you want share buttons for your website you are widely advised to use the “factory-default” versions supplied by Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These, in their most minimal version, look like this:

Share Buttons

There are a few things, which led me to develop custom social share buttons for wordpress instead of these buttons:

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How to get started with Markdown: Your new best friend when writing any line of text

Ho to get started with Markdown

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).

Daring Fireball: Markdown

This is how John Gruber, one of the inventors of markdown, explains the the tool as he calls it. It already sounds more complicated than it is. I suggest just to jump in. In this post I show you how to get started with Markdown …

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