Create a free Org Chart and sync with Google Sheets

Org Chart Template for Google Sheets and Figma

Recently I tried to create a free org chart from my employee list in google sheets. The org chart should be optically pleasing, support multi-team-levels and sync with google sheets.

The org chart diagram in google sheets is free, but it doesn’t look pretty at all. Furthermore the people always end up in a horizontal pane making it almost unusable quickly.

Enter the Orgchart Plugin for Figma by Manuel Muños Solera. With it you can create a Org Chart in Figma in Minutes by using the built-in support for an Import Text either as JSON or as YAML.

So how do we get that JSON file. Enter Google Apps Script and ChatGPT. With the help of ChatGPT I created a google apps script function that transforms your table of employees into the JSON structure needed for the Figma Plugin.