[Mac] Use EVE to quickly learn Mac OS X Shortcuts

Learn Mac OS X Shortcuts

I found this great little open source program via tuaw the other day. It helps you learn all Mac OS X Shortcuts and those of your installed programs. While another app (CheatSheet) has been making the rounds lately

, EVE is really taking keyboard shortcut learning to another level. Every time you perform a task with your mouse that can be replaced by a keyboard shortcut, EVE will show you that Shortcut in a growl-like notification. If you click the notification you can choose to disable this specific shortcut (because you’re learned it) or all the notifications for the App you’ve just been using.

I’ve been using it for a while now and found it really helpful, who knew that if you press CMD + L in your browser your cursor will jump right into the address bar. Well at least I didn’t know … What are you waiting for, did I mention that its free?!