How-To: Make a leather sunglasses case

Buy cutting template (5$)

What you’ll need


  1. Cut out the cutting template and place it on your piece of leather.
  2. Draw around the cutting template and mark the holes for stitching.
  3. Cut the shape with a sharp pair of scissors.
  4. Punch the holes with the hole punch tool or an awl.
  5. Do your sewing as shown in the video above with a saddle-stitch
  6. Punch the hole for the button stud and the corresponding hole on the closing flap.
  7. Mount the button stud! Done!

The cutting template

You can download my pattern for a price you choose. The pattern should fit for most RayBan Glasses and I’ve also tested a pair of Persols, but I cannot guarantee that it’ll fit for your pair of glasses.

Buy cutting template (3$)