Low-Cost Professional Facebook Live Studio Setup for iPhone

The image above shows you all the gear you can use with your iPhone to get professional results when broadcasting live on Facebook or another Platform (Youtube, Instagram).

Two things are essential for a good live broadcast. 1) Good Audio and 2) Good Internet Connection.

1) The image quality might be important but the audio quality is just as important, if not more important. Especially if your not doing a “selfie-broadcast” and your subjects are a bit further away from the iPhone, the audio gets worse quickly.

2) A good internet connection is essential for a successful live broadcast. This setup tip applies to a broadcast that is more “studio-like” and not on the go. Even if you have wifi when broadcasting, it could drop out in the middle of the stream. To get around this, this setup will show you how to connect your iPhone to a stable ethernet internet connection.

This is what you’ll need

1) Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Use the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from Apple to connect the USB Hub (4) to your iPhone.

2) Apple USB Ethernet Adapter and 3) Ethernet Cable

Connect the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter to one of the ports of the USB Hub (4) and use it to connect an ethernet cable to your router for ethernet internet access.

4) USB Hub with external power source

Be sure to get a USB Hub that has an external power source, otherwise this setup won’t work.

5) USB Microphone

You’ll need a microphone that has a USB A cable, so that you’re able to connect it to the USB Hub (4).

And this is how you connect the whole setup