The best iOS reminder app (for me)

The best iOS Reminder App

A good reminder will nag you until you actually did something about the task you set yourself. Unfortunately the standard apps will only buzz you once or twice and then just give up. So what’s the solution? I found it for me, the app is called Due ($4,99) and I’ve been using it for years.

The key feature: Once your reminder is due it will buzz your phone every two minutes and won’t stop until you act!

The killer feature: Snooze / Pospone!
Of course you can’t always act on a reminder immediately but you don’t want to loose that reminder. In fact the time I set myself for a task in the future almost never works out. I’ll be busy or not at home or 1000 other reasons.
The solution: You’ll just push that notification down a few minutes or even just to the next day. Due makes this very easy and thats exacly why I like it so much. No more deep digging to the time settings of the task … it will show up again and again until you finally find the right time and get that item of the list!

The best iOS Reminders AppIn the picture you see how your reminder will show up in the App. Just hit the 10min, 60min or 24h button once or a few times to push the reminder to a better time.


Extra reasons why I stick to this app:

  • There is a mac app and the iOS is universal so it was optimized for the iPad as well.
  • Due supports natural language input on both the iOS an mac version.
  • All apps can be set up to sync with iCloud or Dropbox.

Disclaimer: This App can only complement your other to-do list. You won’t want to give a time and date to every item on your list of things to remember.

Ideas for good usages of Due:

  • Remind yourself to water the plants at home (use a recurring task)
  • Taking medication
  • Call somebody every few weeks(e.g. your mom)
  • Terminate a contract in a few weeks/months
  • Remind yourself to finally do your taxes

Check out their website for a video of the app in action and more info. Unfortunately the screenshots and videos haven’t been updated to the new design of the app. Don’t worry, the app dropped the old ugly design by now and will look just fine on iOS 8.

Unfortunately Due does not offer a free version to test it out and the price-tag is quite steep. But if you can relate to the problems I described, I think it’s well worth it.


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  1. I concur–Due is awesome and makes me complete the task so it will stop bothering me!